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oakley sunglasses outlet sale of Guangzhou and her ex-husband Mao Jihong co-founded the Guangzhou State Garments Co., Ltd., and launched a stylish designer brand 'exception EXCEPTION de MIXMIND', then opened the designer brand in China Of the precedent. Members concerned, like useless and Mark's friends Hello, everyone! September 9, 2014, useless living space in Beijing Dongcheng District Museum 77 backstreet opening, this is useless in China's first home. In the late autumn morning, useless official micro letter officially began operations. We will present and deliver 'useless' dynamic news, brand mission and design concept through micro letter. Useless official WeChat is divided into 'useless', 'Mark', 'home' three parts, please click the bottom of the page section of the page button to obtain information. Since the futile design studio was founded in 2006, the founder Ms. Marco started her in-depth exploration of Chinese folk arts and crafts. She turned her head from an internationally acclaimed Chinese designer discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet with the partners to create Was later known as 'China's first designer brand' - the exception. Create a brand from the dream I have been: to create a very original with the Chinese spirit and national self-confidence of the brand, her quality, aesthetic, design height can stand in the top of the world. With the deepening of the understanding of the design, fashion and clothing for the two terms I began to have a qualitative difference between the Western fashion industry on the definition of beauty and my eyes Oriental beauty is very different, the beauty of the East is subtle Introverted, not at the glance of sexy, I understand the beauty of women is self-confident, true and independent woman. Since 2000, I began to research in some remote mountainous areas of China. My understanding of Chinese traditional handicrafts has gradually deepened. Farmers still retain the sunrise and sunset traditional lifestyles. Intimate, natural harmony of the state is very impressive, but their world is completely insulated oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet with the field of fashion, each person only a few pieces of the old cloth of old clothes, has also been tinkering to wear, elders left behind the old Clothes they are very familiar with each piece of old clothes can tell a story - these experiences touched me a lot, and these things I feel very much cherished in modern life, many people called useless things, I My heart has a great question: Is due to the development of industry, technology advances, these accompany the human through thousands of years of traditional crafts, lifestyle completely out of the process of human civilization yet? Are these things that people think useless will really disappear in human life? I think this is a very sad thing. The days in the countryside gave me the feeling of finding the roots, which I found the most essential of human nature, the extent to which technology and economy developed, the depths of eternity, The most noble creation motive should be out of 'caring about people' and 'caring' the ultimate concern of human being oakley sunglasses factory outlet

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